Thursday, May 22, 2008

tag, i'm it!

'Tagged' yesterday by the beautifully talented pvedesign. I so hope to meet you in person one day as your "penchant for creating an artful life", your lovely illustrations and dedication to family are all truly inspiring. Grateful to be 'tagged' and fun to reminisce about something other than work and kids (was once 'tagged regarding my biz if you'd like to read here). Here goes...

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
lived in a tiny brick bungalow house which i just loved, in graduate school studying art history, single/dating and very happily independent, had my own small graphic design shop, shared a studio that had been an old window-front corner grocery with my dear friend sharon, took summers off to travel to europe alone but always met a full world of kind people

2. What are five things on my list for today?
today we're laying low as my baby gal and i are both under the weather, fevers and coughs, probably a 'backyardigans' video in the near future, and quiche, we always make quiche

3. Snacks that I enjoy?
cheese (the stinkier the better), edamame, sea salt and vinegar chips, chocolate

4. Things that I would do if I were a billionaire?
definitely travel more with my family, and donate more to worthy causes from literacy, hunger, mother/child support to animal protection and environmental efforts. maybe a new sofa in there too! and more down-time (although i'm not sure i'm wired to sit still for long)

5. Places I have lived
oklahoma city, new orleans, st. louis, chicago, kansas city -- i'm a midwestern gal

6. And if you'd like to play, please feel free to answer one more question: What's the latest news/goals for your business or efforts nearest and dearest to you?

I'll tag...

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pve design said...

lovely tag from a lovely you!
yes, certainly hope that we can meet somewhere and share our love for life, paper and all of the above!
(oh, a bit of quiche too!)