Thursday, March 6, 2008


I have always loved the simplicity and subdued palette of this church in Florence, Chiesa di Santo Spirito. The rational geometry of Brunelleschi during the mid-1400's remains stoic and brilliant still today. The flat facade is a wonderful contrast to the highly embellished historic sites of the city. Built during the early Renaissance, Santo Spirito is rustic and humble on the exterior and classically designed inside. I love the pattern on the ceiling of the nave. The surrounding piazza hosts a bohemian crowd of artists, families, musicians and lots of prosecco! Haven't visited in years but a highly recommended stop for those of you traveling to Florence this summer. And while I wasn't a mom yet as I backpacked around, I recall the Italians having a warm sense of family and embracing the spirited presence of children. Lovely notion.

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superbecky said...

i studied in florence and this was one of my favorite places to watch people and draw. thanks for the reminder.