Sunday, March 2, 2008

lovely letterpress #1

Letterpress is alive and well. And many of us just gush over the tactile aesthetic of a cottony, heavy, well-designed card that houses a hand-written note to boot! I must admit to closing my eyes, smelling the ink and rubbing my face on these lovely pieces of work (too much information?!).

I have admired the craft of letterpress for years as a student of typographic history and as an amateur printer. I am thrilled by the revival of small presses in recent decades as was the case nearly 100 years ago. A response to the poor production of the Industrial Revolution, private presses championed the cause of fine craft. Perhaps the impersonal and digital world of "information grazers" today has inspired yet another movement toward making art. And while I have heard the debates on whether 'kissing' or 'biting' the paper is the proper way to print, I am happy that a pool of people have fallen in love with these iron dinosaurs and just want to create beautiful work.

I have a handful of favorites out there but a few to mention today. First a warm congratulations to my friend, Ken Botnick for completing his Kamini. whew! And thanks more importantly, for your passion. A thank you to Keith at Cranky Pressman for his wit and wisdom and industrial-strength design. And to the talented duo of WileyValentine, you are wonderful to share your green practices with me. See the exquisite work by WileyValentine here.

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Anonymous said...

What a lovely blog. . fellow St. Louisan? I stumbled upon you while leaving a comment at nonchalantmom. (Couldn't help but notice as you mentioned our 9 inches of snow) Can't wait to follow Periwinklebloom. Beautiful work.