Monday, May 19, 2008

all tied up

Talk about sustainable fashion! Designer Lara Miller of Chicago finds many many many ways to get more out of that little black dress. Her line of 'flip' clothing comes highly celebrated and reinvents the language of interaction. She uses beautifully simplified forms and hues allowing the wearer to create their own style. Sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton and bamboo lend themselves to the flexible friendly concept as well. Fresh and sophisticated, art in and of itself. Yes, the thought of twisting myself up in this no doubt gives a giggle but the forms look forgiving and the design, brilliant. Be sure to check out the gorgeous video demo to master the art.


lara miller said...

Thank you Tyler! I am in love with your blog - it is so beautifully written and edited! I'm glad to be in touch and will surely be a regular visitor to see what your latest posts are. Thank you for the kind words and eco-support! Lara Miller

pve design said...

Those girls are "foxes" in those dresses!
They remind me of the back-up girls in the Robert Palmer Video - "Addicted to Love"-
Gorgeous concept of "flip" clothing!

Mrs.French said...

OH my!!!! This is perfection...I want every piece and that video! Beautiful and sensual. I don't even want to know where to get this...ok, maybe I want to know a tiny bit.

pve design said...

Tagged you "out" - come on and play!

pve design said...

Flip on over and play a round of tag with me.
I just had to come back for those dresses.
Beautiful video.