Thursday, May 15, 2008

a new terrain to read

Searching, digging, fact, fiction, loss, recovery...all intertwined concepts which manifest as books. But not the ubiquitous, sequential codex we've absorbed in the West, rather a sculptural form promoting reading anew. Jennifer Khoshbin has examined her world and exposes her findings in these beautifully built books. Uncharted terrain, she seeks authenticity but only through revisiting the way we read and approach the book as object. Brilliant work and meticulous craft, I'm always inspired by challenges of perspective and the seemingly banal.


Mrs.French said...

Bravo!...The post, the artist and the writing. Tyler you are a blogging goddess!

Secret Leaves said...

Her work is incredible. It reminds me of this woman's work:


Alison said...

These are just incredible - lovely idea and execution!

I do adore coming here and seeing what you have to offer :)