Thursday, April 24, 2008

quiche and wombats and sake, oh my!

A curious recipe indeed but to the moms of toddlers out there, I bet you barely raised a brow. The 'do whatever works' mantra is pacing us today. Its raining here, need I say more? A misty spring rain that cools the air and stains the trees dark. Just damp enough to forbid a nice walk or a prowl for the perfect stick. Our concoction however has played out brilliantly. She is sleeping next to me on our outdoor covered porch and I am again reminded of the simplest pleasures.

My two tiny sake cups served blueberry juice today. We told tall tales and toasted "gently" countless times. Occasionally a found penne noodle made its way into our drinks and a flower later floated in mine. I've loved these sweet cups since I discovered them last year in Chicago by designer Amy Allison ( Delicate pale blues dripped onto thinly textured clay, her works are handmade with care and quite unique.

Next came the quiche, our weekly multifaceted recipe; gets rid of all wilting veggies, calls for a "helper" to shake the cinnamon and buys a little focused time together. It goes something like this: chop all veggies thats aren't so pretty anymore to fill a measuring cup, crack 5 eggs and whisk with milk, cream, yogurt, sour cream or any similar dairy product, shake salt, pepper and cinnamon to taste (or to your helper's desire), mix in veggies, grate tons of cheese, whatever you have (we lean toward gruyere) and pour into a frozen pie crust (pre-made of course and not by me). Cook on 350 for 30 minutes or so, voĆ­la, dinner or lunch for a couple of days. A huge thanks to Sharon for this foolproof tasty time-killer!

And lastly the wombat...our favorite protagonist. The magical illustration style of Charles Fuge is simply adorable. No taller than a toadstool, he wanders with his gaggle of forest friends, a platypus, mole, centipede and such. Like the 'land of misfit toys' isn't it time the wombat et al received some props?! Darn cute and I never tire of these books (not that I have a choice).

She's beginning to stir -- wow, did I really spend this precious time reading blogs and writing? Hmmm, is this a cult of some kind? Could we possibly be junkies? You know who I'm talking to. Well, glad to pass on the love if so and the above activities come highly recommended...perhaps real sake this evening however.


La Alicia said...

Read your blog for the first time today and totally enjoyed your peaceful vibe. Thanks for the short escape from office life! :)

pve design said...

oh, so glad i stopped in, feeling so much better after that story, the saki and the oh so yummy quiche.
all i need is a nap.

Ria said...

All lovely and light! Your images are sweet, Tyler.

I just love the incredible juxtaposition of the content of your blog and mine... most evident in my April 25 post, I think! :)


Secret Leaves said...

What a lovely post. There is some real poetry in there! Thanks for the shout out.


Mrs.French said...

You make a rainy day sound so lovely...the next one we have at our house, I am coming over. The wombat is a huge hit at our house right now too.

stacy said...

Oh my, I love those sake glasses.

diana @ please sir said...

LOVE those sake cups!!

nancy said...

I miss seeing you guys - love this blog about a rainy day! I miss the one-on-one just hanging out time. I also want to try the quiche.

Alison said...

Quiche is a regular mainstay at our house - quick and easy and incredibly tasty, and more importantly both children eat it. We make mini ones as well in a mini muffin tin - bite size quiches :)