Monday, April 21, 2008

organic cotton to grow in

With Earth Day upon us and 'green' talk in the air, I offer two of my absolute favorite organic cotton collections. While natural fibers sometimes summon patchouli and chunky socks, many designers are making responsible practices part of their business and making high-end garments to boot. The dedication to craft and quality, sustainable materials, local collaboration/fair trade and simplicity of design are characteristics found in Natalie Chanin's, and the children's line,

Like many new parents, Kate McIntosh Quinn shared concerns of the environment and our children within it. An awareness of what we put on and in our bodies coupled with natural comfort and basic needs inspired her classic collection. "Every little garment supports our vision and hope of a cleaner, kinder earth." Deliciously soft, effortless and fresh, you'll wish these pieces for tots came in your size too!

Thankfully, Natalie Chanin (formerly of Project Alabama) has embraced her roots and reclaimed the craft of quilting. "It’s an eco-renaissance that we think is respectfully nostalgic and naturally future-forward." I had the pleasure of meeting Natalie many moons ago while traveling in Vienna. She was working on her short film, Stitch, which documents a rural American landscape and how quilting stands in as a cultural thread through generations. Her philosophy and design are beautifully innovative yet rich in tradition. Do peruse her site and you'll find her fashion echoes a wonderful way of living. Organic, artful, slow and intertwined, Alabama Chanin's organic cottons will grow to be your favorite well-worn "T".


pve design said...

green with envy for a wardrobe like this for summer.
looks cool.

Mrs.French said...

Great lady, I just finished sorting my massive bookmark collection and now I had to add 2 more. Just kidding! thanks for the links!

simplyolive said...

lovely blog you have here!
looking forward to seeing your upcoming collection.

project alabama/alabama chanin has always been a favorite of mine
---especially when she was using recycled t-shirts.

Mrs.French said...

psst...I linked to you today and added you to my blogroll.

Diana said...

Wow...these are great...thanks!

Joslyn said...

i love the Alabama Chanin unique and beautiful. just wish i could actually afford. sigh.