Tuesday, April 29, 2008

need something to do? look up.

In over my head with grading as its the spring semester's end and students suddenly realizing their impending deadlines loom large. Images of a timeless and fun alphabet exercise I gave to my Typography students (thanks Kate and Simon, click to enlarge, yes, its a potato). I billed it as a way to break from the limitations of the computer, get outdoors and look at one's environment anew. As visual communicators, my students embraced the challenge and actually made some art by hand, reminiscent of elementary school days. (insert lightbulb here) A brilliant way to spend some time with your learning-to-read tot!

Also see blog, urbanpreschool for some cleverly creative activities including inspiration from Sagmeister Inc., the DIY type guru himself. Designboom for the fantastic sky project by Lisa Reinermann (letter "Q" shown) and textism.com for a lovely found alphabet. Its amazing what you'll find if you just look up.


Mrs.French said...

These are all fantastic...I am especially excited about the UrbanPreschool link. Thanks!

Alison said...

These alphabets are wonderful - I especially love the building forms one!!

Stacy said...

Great post. Fantastic is the right word. These letters are great!

Secret Leaves said...

What a fun post! Some nice work from your students. That has to be gratifying. I will check out the other links when I get a minute. Ciao bella.


PS. I love Chloe.