Tuesday, September 7, 2010

something's gotta give

Anyone else familiar with feeling the pull in all directions? Wearing our many hats, the cloche, the cowboy, more likely the baseball with ponytail...again. Well in my little world of periwinklebloom I'm finding the need to breath, to pace myself, to be more present, to reorder. I began this blog and business with this mantra in mind, slow and steady wins the race. I truly love the community of creative women I've met and the complex study I've gained regarding organic living, textiles and dimensional design. I have been dedicated to designing responsibly and transparently and have hoped to dent the surface of constructive causes. I do plan to continue as I cannot separate these sensibilities from the way I live, however a more peppered pace is calling my name.

Thank you for your kind support, my friends and my fabulous stockists. You see, recently we've added Cheerios to our repertoire, the minutia becoming monumental and worth recording. So off to play, only one hat today, until we meet again.


jen sertl said...

beautifully said as always. . . wishing you time and the presence to enjoy every moment of it.

Minnie said...

Oh gosh, is this a good-bye note? Your blog is so beautiful and I got a little thrill finding it and looking over some of your posts. But as a mom with many creative dreams, I completely understand the need to focus on just a few things.