Monday, June 16, 2008

clearing the green noise, yourself

The debates are far-reaching regarding 'greening' our lives. Information seems to contradict itself as soon as its released, various groups have various spins, some political, some emotional and some just 'green noise'. I have read countless articles over the past year as my business has developed with the vision of combining local, fresh and kind design. And like many of you who are parents, your new little responsibility has encouraged you to reexamine the way you live, eat, drive, spend, use. I have found in my quest to lead a more sustainable life, that its not always easy to find the source, the truth, even the definitions! But baby steps can be significant, seeking knowledge for yourself is worth the effort and perhaps less really is more. I find myself leaning toward simplicity, toward the nature of a child, the fascination in a blade of grass, the coziness of a well-worn T. Recycling has become much more than water bottles and the Sunday Times, its a way of thinking about what we pass on.

In an effort to sustain relevancy I've noticed a trend in green guidance to relate to a specific cause rather than overwhelm. Savvy marketers are realizing the burnout and focusing verbiage on attainable issues and how they intertwine (remain relevant) with their audience. In this spirit, Periwinklebloom has been examining the impact of organic cotton and domestic farming, water-generated energy, vegetable-based inks and reclaimed vintage fabrics. Posts to come on all of these topics as I collect my info. amassed over the past couple years. Today however a plug for vintage, recycled, reclaimed fabrics. Periwinklebloom is using beautiful found cottons, woven before the vast use of pesticides and finding new life a century later. I grew up on hand-me-downs and hope to reintroduce this notion in the collection.

Point being, if we all find just one single topic that's important to us, to investigate and incorporate into our lives then the 'greening' won't be so daunting and one might find a pragmatic balance. An insightful dialog via the lovely Nectar & Light, here. And a melodic push for the environment here.


secretleaves said...

Nice post, Tyler. Thanks especially for the link to Treehugger's post on organic cotton. To be honest, I didn't really know why organic cotton is superior to regular cotton, so this was very educational for me.


Mrs.French said...

A perfect post Ms. Tyler. Good for you for doing your research...I have really been trying to do mine as well. I am ashamed to say that I was not nearly as green before B. I got pregnant and moved to Portland right around the same time. Portland prides itself on green living. This combined with the desire to make a better world for B have really propelled me in the right direction. I have a ways to go...but we are getting there.

Oh and how I love incorporating the "hand-me-down" idea into your designs. I am pretty sure they will be more lovely than any hand-me-down I had the pleasure of wearing when I was small.

comfies said...

what a beautifully written post this is! and the pictures too. i look forward to reading more on these topics and checking out these links....

oh and in answer to your question - i plan on making my little guys available in an etsy shop soon! and thanks so much for inquiring!

Anonymous said...

You've managed to express quite clearly what I've been struggling to say to a few people recently. So I'll be directing them here to read your post. Well done!

I wear vintage every day, found at thrift stores/eBay or inherited and can't imagine not having that living history in my every day. Your things are just beautiful!