Saturday, June 14, 2008

we don't fall far from our trees

As they say about the apple, I saw my own reflection yesterday and that of my father, in my child. In-charge, inquisitive and very short-fused she flipped over stringing a noodle necklace. Penne just sent her over the edge, tiny sweat beads on her nose and upper lip, she cracked. Evidently the noodles and string weren't cooperating and she had been defeated. It tickled me to see this small fit and then warmed my heart. These eruptions are in our genes; spontaneous, ridiculous, satisfying and fortunately, very funny. Laughter seems to punctuate most things in our family and for this I thank my father. My rock (my tree), what a wonderful gift. Happiest Father's Day.


Mrs.French said...

Such a lovely post. Beautifully written (as always)!

Secret Leaves said...

Tee hee. I feel like throwing my penne often--and I'm not two and a half! A great story. I was just like Chloe when I was little...still am I guess.


comfies said...

aw. i love that you have such a deeply ingrained sense of humor to pass on. what a gift!