Thursday, June 12, 2008

a treat for two

A sweet little duo arrived in the mail this week, my very first etsy purchases! Oh etsy, how do I love heart does flutter when I dive into your vast world of deliciously crafted goods. Two gems I must tout however are the delicately crocheted strands by Marie and the flouncy petite skirt hand-sewn by Melissa. Both made with care and both in the spirit of simple yet detailed design. The necklace, a soft garland of fleurettes as light as air. The skirt, of vintage linens and waves of bouncy white. A treat for two, one for me, one for my baby gal. We will wear these well on our finest days in the summer sun.

merci and takk.


Melissa said...

thank YOU for choosing something from my shop! i love your crocheted necklace, too. your photos are so beautiful. (i wish you could be my photographer!) x

Mrs.French said...

pretty,clean, fresh and feminine.

marie said...

oh im so glad you like it!

merci for posting about my etsy :)