Thursday, June 19, 2008

a little yu for you

I fell in love with the Seattle based artist, Herman Yu, a few years ago and excitedly await her calendar each year. I know its only June but everyday as I glance at the lovely piece of art that charts my month, I get a tiny rush in anticipation. Her work blends nature, light, handcrafting and technology. A modern recipe resulting in gorgeous designs. A simple branch of blossoms or wilting willow are given a subtle glow of life, abstract, softened yet saturated palette. The compositions as well balance stillness with energy. Exquisite petite pieces in various cards and calendars printed on the thickest cottony stock. Counting down, six months to go...but get a taste here for now.


Mrs.French said...

hmmmm...kind of makes me want to ditch the dining room project and just put one of these on my wall...seriously! Her site is amazing too...everything I would hope to capture in my photography. Thanks Tyler!

Cicada Studio said...

Herman Yu's work is just incredible to me. I, too, look forward to her calendar with much anticipation. This year it was not meant to be because someone got me another... but I am still hanging 2007 just to look at and turn the pages quite frequently.
I was quite obsessive with her site when I built my own because I just thought it was perfect. (mine wound up taking many twists and turns tho)

I found your blog thru A Little Hut. I will check in often!

parcel post said...

l-o-v-e Herman Yu! I completely share your affection. So timeless, thoughtful and beautiful!