Saturday, October 25, 2008

in good company

I'm thrilled to play a small role in this lovely collection of eco-friendly gift ideas! Irene's beautiful BloesemKids blog has highlighted a handful of designers who carefully consider both the form and footprint of their products. What fun it is to soak in parenthood and truly find inspiration from our children! I too hope to contribute to kind, thoughtful and fresh design and am humbled by the good company.

organic cotton acorn hat, crafted by adrienne kinsella

and please do see my shop for new pieces and sale items coming soon for the holidays


pve design said...

this little hat is so sweet. thanks for sharing this.
love acorns and autumn splendor.

Mrs.French said...

Yay Tyler! I also have to say I was browsing one of my favorite shopping sites and there was your beautiful line...Twig+Periwinklebloom=perfection

Secret Leaves said...

Congratulations on the BloesemKids feature. It looked wonderful! Your shop is looking really good too. You are such a talented girl...