Monday, July 28, 2008

less is more

A flurry of activity this past week and remiss on my blog visits (I've grown quite fond of you, my new circle of cyber-friends). But a productive week its been for periwinklebloom, least of which two sweetly behaved mini-models for our shoot. And a big bear hug for the ever-talented, gracious, dear friend and Renaissance-man, photographer Greg Rannells. Shown above, our deliciously soft, cream flannel 'bubble dress' and fleecy fitted neck cozy. Small editions are being made with care as I work closely with a local atelier from start to finish. Online shop up any day now for pre-ordering!

A thought occurred to me however as I celebrated my designs coming to life, thoughtful and we really need more stuff? A very 'green' friend of mine once noted that fashion inherently isn't green as we already have a wealth of thrift shopping available. Making note, I do incorporate vintage bits into my designs but point taken. Hmmmm? This month's issue in Dwell magazine also begs the question asking "how to create more stuff without the impact of creating more stuff". Inside the July/August issue a fascinating timeline documents our population rise; taking 123 years to double from one to two billion (1804-1927) but taking "just 12 years to add the most recent billion". Staggering stats and certainly something to ponder as we design and make stuff meant to weave into our social structure. Design solves problems, design nourishes creativity, design unites, good design is functional and manifests in many forms. Humankind has designed from our earliest ages and many other species share a symbiosis with design, to protect, to attract, to survive.

Happily, I've concluded that we're inseparable, that humans and design feed eachother, but will continue to evaluate the question of need and conscience. Some wise words here in searching for that pragmatic balance. I do hope my collection contributes to the small world of comfort, simplicity and stuff worth handing down. And albeit a curious business model, periwinklebloom gives a gentle nudge to embrace the idea that less is more.

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful” ~ William Morris


Julia said...

Well, first, those images are so, so darling! I love that hat, and the light, and their delightful expressions! And second, *sighs* I can't help but give three cheers to such aspirations and desires. I agree wholly with Willian Morris (our inspirational founder of the Arts and Craft movement, god bless him)!

We missed you!

Meaghan said...

What a thoughtful--and thought provoking--post! I agree, beauty has an intrinsic value that should not be overlooked.

Awareness of what and how much we use is the first step. And awareness of what we do when we are finished with a thing, this is important too.

And awareness of sweet and adorable children, this is paramount! What lovely little ones in your photos! They show off your design beautifully!

Secret Leaves said...

The clothing is beautiful. And the post is thoughtful and well-written. I am continuously amazed at how smart you are. And how literate. And how academic. Your blog is the only one I read regularly.


lotta said...

Well, I think the point is that if we do need more of anything, it should be beautiful, handcrafted, thoughtful, locally made, and long lasting pieces such as your adorable dresses and neck cozies. Great job! Best of luck with the store.

Shimmy Shake said...

I adore that last quote. My husband says it all the time, when our storage room grows larger! Such a lovely blog you have here...I found it via inleaf.

pve design said...

In the book "Found Style" - that I recently scored for a mere $1- they speak of editing and taking everything out and only bringing back what you really need and want. Sort of the same principles as "less is more!"
That said, having children, they do acquire many items
and all of their things seem to accumulate rapidly.
It is a challenge to live with less and recycle.

Alison said...

It all looks beautiful and I'm a firm believer in having beautiful pieces around me - whether found, bought, given, made.

Patricia said...

It all looks so beautiful! I can't wait to see it when you're all done.

Cassandra said...

What magnificent creations! I love the simple beauty!

Mrs.French said...

First of look at you!!!! Amazing! These photos and your lovely wares have me flipping out! and look at your little sweet pea...precious!

I have also been feeling like my life has been bogged down by too much stuff. I am trying to get rid of the space fillers. I love looking at my surroundings and getting a warm fuzzy because everthing means something to me. Also I am trying to get the nerve to buy nothing new (except one pair of boots, and one pair of sandals) for a whole year (for myself). You should join me, we could be eachother's support....let me know!

tiel said...

i can't wait to see your shop!!!!
those images are just beautiful! So creamy and lush, yet so simple and stylish.