Saturday, May 31, 2008

hello, luvvah

A fluffy little post on a fabulous designer I first discovered at Robin Richman on Damen in Chicago. I love this shop, this atelier, as it hosts a gorgeous collection of hand-crafted pieces, exquisite fabrics, restyled vintage, delicious baubles, textures, layers and a contemporary yet casual vibe. A quaint haven that sends my heart racing, honoring the spirit of the artist who finds their voice in fashion. I become dreamy in this enclave albeit a vicarious state, all too aware of my not-sure-if-I-can-work-it style. Gary Graham has caught my eye in particular with his floating layers of romance brushing against your bod'. I'm actually looking for a party dress and after seeing the sneak preview of Sex and the City, I am quite enthused about updating my fancy frocks. I also just realized that I'll be visiting the windy city during the famed 'yard sale' and am excitedly figuring out how to juggle a toddler on this spree. This mama must prevail...will post an update on my imminent success of a perfectly behaved baby gal and the perfectly flattering on-sale summer shift.


parcel post said...

these are stunning!

Suzan said...

You write so well - just a delight! I do hope your trip with baby is as enjoyable as you have fantasized