Monday, May 12, 2008

the family trip

Home from our first trip to the beach. A short and sweet visit with my mother's family for a weekend of sun, shells, golf, seafood, Tiffany windows...and more seafood. A few shots to share of our day trip to St. Augustine, the oldest city in America (think Ponce de Leon and elementary school reports). Missed the kitschy 'fountain of youth' -- which really should have been top priority but did wander through Flagler College (loaded with those Tiffany's) and a nearby church. Both gorgeous monuments, Mediterranean aesthetic, warm spicy tile roofs, palm trees swaying, blue slate against buttery hues...really exquisite architecture in this sleepy town. Oh and artichoke soup to covet from Contesse's, my tastebuds still watering. A lovely visit had by all, thought I'd share a few favorite pics. (my apologies, they are wildly out of order...i'm a technical idiot and can't seem to upload them correctly. see former 'business posts' and 'boogers on my cashmere' for my slow-going computer skills and bittersweet relationship with the digital world). argh!


pve design said...

Oh, I adore St.Augustine. Your photos are simply stunning! Love them.

Mrs.French said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip. I have only been on the family trip to Orlando about a zillion years ago and feel as if Disney isn't really the way to truly experience Florida. St. Augustine on the other hand looks amazing!

kris said...

Your photos are beautiful,I love all that pastel tones in the first two.