Saturday, April 12, 2008


While this does not fall under my 'labels' nor tout my business or aesthetic loves, this is truly stunning. Went to see Alvin Ailey dance with my 'little sister' last evening. Wow, impossibly gorgeous. Had to share. How do they do that?! Warning: don't try this at home.


pve design said...

I danced for 13 years, both classic ballet and modern dance and had the fortune to dance in a Master Class with Mr.Alvin Ailey and during an leg extension, he came round the class and lifted my leg. I will never forget that - he danced and taught dance as if his body was the paint and the stage a canvas. He made so much sense - the way he explained how to dance.
His presence would take your breath away. A true visionary.

AngelaFH said...

What an amazing experience for your "sis", I'll need (an want) to see this to believe it.

p.s. Winslows is wonderful!


Mrs.French said...

I actually did this this morning. Just kidding! :)

Monique said...

That is stunning.