Tuesday, April 15, 2008

bee kind

A photographer-friend of mine, Greg Rannells, is a buzz about bees these days. Sent some sweet shots over recently of commissioned work by Savannah Bee Company. More to come after he trudges through the swamps during Tupelo season, which produces the créme de la créme of honey. Thought I'd share these deliciously warm pics, rich in tradition and terribly tempting. I can attest to the handsoap and lipbalm, both a burst of spun honey scent.

And to impress your friends...did you know that bees have been kept and prized since the Stone-Age, due to their natural sweetener, protective wax and medicinal properties. They're thought to be of African decent but quickly made their way to Europe where they are gainfully employed by the Hamburg airport. They occasionally have a temper when the weather is cloudy (who doesn't). In ancient Egypt one could pay their taxes in honey (hmmm, note to self, today is April 15th). Honeybees actually 'dance' to communicate distance and direction from hive to nectar source. They also use the sun as a compass and are responsible in large part for pollinating nearly one-third of the world's food crops, suggesting that their decline could potentially collapse the food chain! In '07 there was scary decline in the bee population which came to be called colony collapse disorder. And new theories abound including an idea to make tiny tinfoil hats.

I myself love honey, in tea, on brie, candle or soap, I'm a junkie. And what about the Queen?! Talk about the 'do-it-all' mom who's got it goin' on! Perhaps we need more drones in our life or perhaps more flowers or perhaps just this simple recipe for a sweet and strong Tupelojito... sun setting, kids asleep, warm Spring in the air. Cheers.


Mrs.French said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful bee knowledge. My son has been bee-crazy (crazbee?) for awhile now, so I can't wait to share some of your bee facts with him. Smart and fashionable...you're awesome!

pve design said...

funny, we both had a similar buzz in our posts.
love honey. love bees.
amazing photos!