Tuesday, April 1, 2008

lovely letterpress #2

A quick peek at sublime design and beautiful craftsmanship. These are two of my favorite letterpress studios as they speak to the white space and peaceful silence so desperately needed in my world these days. Yours too? Exquisite yet simple illustrations gently sunk into cottony stock. For a bit of printing history see my earlier post "lovely letterpress #1". Or for just pure delight, see pancakeandfranks and satsumapress. Refreshing! And perfect for a kind greeting now that Spring has sprung.

A personal thanks to Stacy for her helpful discussion on friendlier inks. And to Lynn, a designer/mom, cheers to Liam and to a healthy happy year.


Mrs.French said...

i have always been a huge fan of satsuma press, but i had never seen the lovely masterpieces from pancake and franks...thank you for the link!

pve design said...

love letterpress too and am in the process of having some of my own designs done in letterpress which is
great to see and touch.