Saturday, April 5, 2008

home sweet home

Spring has finally sprung in the Midwest after a month of record-breaking rains. So out for a walk we go...rediscovering our cozy part of the world off Delmar. Enjoy the photo journal, click to view up close. Trees in bloom and our first dissected still life of the season below.

Here we go...a new meaning to 'little einstein'. A close up of our curly locks, gently twirled into a small dreadlock.

Toasted bagels, pesto and fresh mozzarella at Meshuggah's, our favorite local coffee haunt (here's our table below). Sits across from the historic Tivoli theater marquis (look up!). And a few doors east of Riddles Penultimate, a dive eatery with plentiful wine, fresh local fare and lively live music. Love this place and love the people watching.

Great little boutique on the Loop, Ziezo. No idea it had been open since 1982! Thanks, gals for letting me take a shot of your clever window display of cushy cloth 'raindrops' ('tis the season). And just down the street, a must-see hip kid shop, City Sprouts.

Shallots at the farmer's market, a weekly visit.

Yes, our own walk of fame and a few great designers to boot. Big letter 'E' on the street in front of Vintage Vinyl, a classic record shop, wallpapered with ephemera, the smell of rock-n-roll in the air.

Plastic bird watching?

Winslow's general store has finally opened and is absolutely charming. Inviting window front, vintage linens, pressed tin ceiling, deli and wine and dime store candies. With a little bit of everything it is a perfect addition to the neighborhood.


Secret Leaves said...

I love this post! What great pictures. I have to check out that general store.


Secret Leaves said...

I have to add to Ann's comment, above. My heart swells at this ode to the Loop. Michael and I lived in U. Ciry for many years, during college and after. It was our living room. A lot has changed but a lot has stayed the same. A bit of trivia: I used to model in fashion shows for Ziezo back in the punk rock days. THAT'S how long they have been around!!!


Jena said...

Thanks so much for including Ziezo in your trip through the UCity Loop! The pictures of our window turned out so amazing. I love them as much as I love each little tiny, hand sewn raindrop.
P.S. The owner, Carol, remembers Sharon from the "old days" and mentioned there may be incriminating pictures laying around from those fashion shows!

Mrs.French said...

such beautiful images. I really need to visit St. Louis. Especially since my husband's family lives in MO.

pve design said...

visually inspiring photos.
thanks for allowing us to stroll and gander.