Monday, June 14, 2010

make it right

A recent trip to New Orleans (and big fan of Treme) have been a reawakening to an unresolved existence. My souvenir was a comfy tissue T touting '9, Make It Right' and I learned it was a brilliant rebuilding effort in the Lower 9th post-Katrina. Spearheaded by Brad Pitt and celebrated international architects, the development embraces cradle-to-cradle thinking which suggests that "everything we create can contribute positively to society, the economy, and the environment". The movement considers materials as 'nutrients' which naturally transforms design and process. The site gives several examples of the thinking applied. Likewise it offers a breathtaking time line of the aftermath and the responsible rebirth currently taking place. Building green and 'coming home' stories are hopeful and inspiring. There is beauty in the devastation and a handful making it right.

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Vintage Simple said...

I love the concept, cradle-to-cradle. Very inspiring. Thank you for sharing this, dear.