Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The 'statement' necklace for me says, timeless simplicity, delicate form, natural materials and well...understated. The bauble that tempts a closer look, a light stroke of the fingertip, a feminine drape and dangle, with a slightly raw handmade appeal. I've fallen in love with the work of lauren haupt who embodies these elements in her sculptural wares. Her interview here, speaks of 'creating art as a free pass to express herself' and by doing so she 'can share these little tangible expressions with others'. Beautifully said. Lauren's process is always informed by the world that surrounds her, and her hands rather than head, lead the way in creating, a fluid 'happening'. Her forms echo the process as ascending wings, droplets of rain and feathering leaves are captured in metals and wood. Understated with loads to say, her pieces wear well for all occasions and enhance the most dreamy of décolleté.

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carta,inc. said...

There is a little post about periwrinklebloom on my blog. I hope you like it!
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