Friday, September 4, 2009


I've been tagged by the lovely Lotta of inleaf design and am happy to play a good game. A nice way to begin the holiday weekend, relaxing and honoring our collaborative labor. Hmmm, ten bits of minutia about me...

1. I was tagged long ago by Sharon and have this post to share from Spring of '08 regarding my small biz. Still a very slow labor of love.

2. I tend to overcommit and yet thrive on the chaos of it. I work best in whirlwinds but they aren't really settling. I'm a 'grass is greener' kind of person and always wishing I could learn to just be fully present. This all relates, yes?

3. I typically have three or four books going at a time and often don't finish them entirely. I do however love to read the Sunday Times in full with a big cappuccino.

4. I have a nest of curly hair that I have battled my whole life. Big apologies to my close girlfriends for enduring the drama.

5. I have weakness for the plight of baby harpseals and collected money around my neighborhood as a child to send to Jimmy Carter. I guess I thought he was in charge of all things at the time.

6. I hoard Japanese paper and vintage fabric with very good intentions of creating fabulous things for my home and friends'. Sigh, perhaps when my child leaves for college.

7. I love Mexican food and Latin guitar and wish I could speak Spanish.

8. I have a small handful of dear friends who make me buckle over in laughter (some for nearly 30+ years). You know who you are and you are essential to my well being.

9. I eat loads of honey (thank you, Greg).

10. And because I set out for this to be a business space of musings and news, I'm excited to announce I'm in a lovely new shop in Germany, Line + Liv. Updated collection online next week as well!

If you'd like to play, 'tag' you're it: Sharon, Mrs.French, Danica, Kristina and Julia.

'little guy' snuggled in periwinklebloom chambray gathered dress with bucket pocket

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comfies said...

oh my the little guy looks cozy in there! so glad to be tagged. xo.