Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This time of year I tend to reflect, to linger between change, to ponder. The exchange of swimsuits for backpacks, sundresses for scarves, nostalgic and invigorating, eager to turn new leaves. A few timely topics I've recently crossed are here and here.

The conversations are ones I have with myself regularly and I thank dear Lotta of inleaf design for mulling it over outloud. 'To blog or not to blog' seems to ebb and flow throughout many of my favorite spaces. It seems if we post on our passions some will surely follow. A form of therapy, a form of business, a collective space that draws in common interests. I am grateful so many of you have opened your worlds so that I may open mine.

The second post is near and dear to my inner battle as designer and business owner. The incredibly talented, Martha of Uniform Studio, offers a dialogue regarding children's clothing that certainly resonates and explains the delicate balance of costing goods. Again, a common discussion by those who create and I'm glad to see that most are compelled to design and persevere.

Enjoy the reads and the comfort in common questioning. Kind thanks to Pia for spotlighting periwinklebloom. Your space is a dream and I appreciate the encouragement.

Waste-not wares in the shop next week along with new Autumn/Winter garments. pictured: snuggly-soft organic sherpa sheep lovingly made of scraps.


Marie-Eve said...

cute cute cute little animal!

comfies said...

wait, what are these beautiful sheep?! they're magnificent!