Friday, August 28, 2009

'birdie parade'

Brilliant. A magical venue for children and their naturally clever penchant for story-telling. The rambling process of intertwining fantastical characters en route, you can count on a child to open your world. I'm often in awe of the mysterious details and endless winding in and out of scenes. Where does this go? This uninhibited journey of tall tales to anyone who will listen, 'authentic spontaneous imaginative play'. 'Birdie parades' and 'shadows' captured here by Little Creatures films, discovered via small magazine. Kristin B. Eno collaborates with young children and curious objects to prompt this world, 'unscripted and organic'. Described as 'poetic narratives [which] serve to archive “lost moments” of childhood and raise questions about the interconnectedness of all people, children’s thought-processes and relationship to the natural world, and the potential of children and adults to make art together', Eno has tapped into a treasure to be sure.

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Secret Leaves said...

Visited her site and looked at her work. I really like her drawings and her jewelry. Beautiful! And the digital story project sounds great. (Did I title that correctly?) Anyway, another nice fine, Tyler. Thanks for sharing.