Friday, June 19, 2009

jess' girls

Delightful dolls handmade by Jess Brown. Reminiscent of vintage rag dolls but absolutely exquisite, draped in reclaimed tapestry, silk and cashmere remnants. Carefully brought to life with each stitch and tea-stained tone, dolls to be treasured and well worth handing down. A recent write-up in the very clever 'small magazine' shares her collaboration with the ever-enchanting 'wovenplay'. A whimsical blend of lush textiles into prima ballerinas celebrating natural processes, vintage style and loads of imagination. An addition to my wish-list for sure, Jess' girls exude endless charm and beg us back into childhood.

click to enlarge the lovely details. periwinklebloom remnants soon to adorn a few of her creations. i'm thrilled!

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isabelle said...

these are lovely ...