Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I tend to overlook one of the original points of this space, a business outlet. My place to post the ins-and-outs has evolved to encompass all the bits that blend together in my world. Gracefully giving in to motherhood, design and profession, blogland has served as a nourishing exchange, thanks to all of you. So back to the basics for today, touting my spring/summer 'sack dress' of 100% organic cotton ecru jersey. Twill ribbons tie at the shoulders and the body hugs like a well-worn 'nightie'. Center pleat detail and contrast stitched lettuce edging. Homegrown and handsewn like all our garments, crafted with care in small editions. Wear bare and breezy all summer long.

Also see periwinklebloom featured on fawn & forest this month! And we're proud to participate in 'Its All About Mom' at the Brentwood Center of Health via


Julia said...

I forget, frequently, that my blog is also an outlet for highlighting the new installations to Red Otter. We appreciate hearing all the ins and out at PeriwinkleBloom! These images evoke such tenderness, such simplicity and beauty!

Thank you for sharing!

blue moss said...

i love this...and all your things!! so pretty

lotta said...

I am selfishly thinking I want one of those in my size! Beautiful and comfy. The feature on Fawn & Forest looks great. Best of luck.

pve design said...

I love that each one of us strive to build our families, our own business dreams and then the bonus of keeping a blog as a sort of nourishment to nurture our own unique natures. Yes, I ditto Lotta, I want some in my size! Great frocks for Summer.