Wednesday, April 15, 2009

shades of green

Last evening I attended a gathering of girls; women who had been inspired by motherhood, an artistic calling, a need for better health, a desire to foster community. These women were all fantastic, a bond of sisterhood over a glass of wine and sharing genuine thoughts on how to build a better business, make a better home, nurture yourself if only for a moment. The collaboration made use of today's technology via twitter, skype, texting and blogging. No doubt I was out of my technological realm and sat in awe at the pace of conversation. One 'convo' that I did catch was with an author out of the UK, Susannah Marriott, who writes brilliantly simple books on the various shades of greening your life.

The book she shared last evening was part of a series by DK publishing, 'made with care'. A sturdy little guide on new parenting tips, practical, accessible and beautifully designed. Her thoughts on the 'less is more' approach really resonates and I plan to pick up this gem asap. She also made the poignant comment on how much we can learn from women in developing countries with regards to this concept. That exchange is quite compelling and a lovely reminder of simple living. The book does extend beyond baby and into a lifestyle she has categorized into three shades of green. A fantastic idea for those feeling overwhelmed by the massive weight of the environment entirely. Baby steps first, an idea that applies lifelong, yes?

Thanks to Ria and Suzanne for gathering the gaggle, to Ann for the tunes, to Jen for the food and to the rest for your camaraderie.


Secret Leaves said...

I'm sorry I missed the pajama party--I heard from Ann that it was a lot of fun. She marveled at the technology and how well-orchestrated it was. Can't wait to see some of the footage. She said your piece about periwinklebloom was good, by the way. Miss you. Coffee soon?


Julia said...

Oh these links and books and new friends all are so appealing and inspirational. The images are darling!

Jen Sertl said...

It was an inspirational fun night, wasn't it! Missed Sharon too! Love how women, some virtual strangers, can come together find a common bond and spend the evening laughing and sharing with one another. Thankful to be a part of such a gathering. Loved Susannah Marriot's book and the "shades of green".

Ria said...

Definitely was missing a Willow but so grateful to you ladies who made the evening so successful and so fun! The feedback from our virtual attendees was that the fun was definitely contagious!

Party on!