Wednesday, March 11, 2009

'there is a season...turn turn turn'

Flipping through, immediately intrigued by this beautifully poetic transformation of light via Print magazine. A collection of award-winning graphic design, this particular piece crosses into installation, science and literature. The hybrid is magical and no doubt profound when standing beneath this glowing silent voice. Jiyeon Song's master's thesis, One Day Poem Pavilion, arranges tiny perforations to reveal a collaborative effect of art and nature, specifically the play of light and shadow. The process is slow, meditative and honors the imminent change of season and 'new life'. The experience is both individual and collective as the narrative is repetitive, cyclical yet literally reflects on every one differently. Song practices the classical Korean poetry, Sijo, 'exploring rustic, metaphysical, and cosmological themes about nature and human life'. The video itself captures this rhythm, this pacing of the sun, the patiently eager eyes and a very slow breath.

If we define art as part of the realm of experience, we can assume that after a viewer looks at a piece, he ‘leaves’ with the art, because the ‘art’ has been experienced ~John Dewey, Art as Experience


Isabelle said...

I always love your choice of quotations, they are so right and so well related to your post

Secret Leaves said...

This is very cool. And many of the quotes deal with issues I am struggling with right now. Nice post!


secret, fragile skies said...

Beautiful post!

Mulot said...

Poetic and so beautiful ! Many thanks for this post !