Wednesday, February 25, 2009


My former self ran a small graphic design studio and fortunately I still receive those coveted and deliciously tactile paper promotions. A favorite from afar has always been Gmund of the Mangfall valley area of Germany. Their 180 year history and dedication to 'the aesthetic power of paper' is deeply embedded in their product and practice. All employees are experienced paper-makers understanding the craft and ingredients in creating an exquisite sheet. And on par with their paper is their ecological standard of excellence, paying particular care to water and wood. The factory itself seems to have captured time with selectively functional modern updates. I imagine it has a life of its own, stoic and steady, churning out thinly sliced cotton awaiting the next novel or sketch. Do see for yourself in their updated shop and check for your local distributor. This paper is worth of framing alone and the swatch books belong between classics.


Julia said...

I love the paper promotions! Thank you for directing us to such a fun paper company!

pve design said...

you sure know how to torture me with aesthetically powered paper. to dye for.

Mulot said...

Amazing and fascinating !! You're so lucky !