Wednesday, January 7, 2009

cozy miscellany

To warm up this mid-week chill... 'Little mitts' in the shop now. Super-soft thick fleece inside and out, caramel and cream hue, pass the 'fingers-free' and 'I can do it myself' toddler tests. Handmade in St. Louis of domestically grown organic cotton.

Sweet 'comfy guys' arrived with a smile last week and greeted with a hug. Thanks bunches, Danica.

A gorgeous shop for 'pip-squeaks' and moms alike. Irresistible hat, yes? All handmade in Brooklyn by the talented Sveta.

And our newest addition, a big ole' pup, lounging heavy on his big leather chair.

The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants. ~Johnny Depp


comfies said...

a dog!!! and a beautiful dog at that!!!! and i'm so pleased that you and your adorable family liked the little guys...xoxox.

p.s. great quote...

comfies said...

and the little mitts are superb. adult sizes please?

Mrs.French said...

I adore this post and had to pop over to check out your new shop are amazing!

Oh and I am loveing the new member of your family...look at that face! xo t

pve design said...

your big ole pup needs his own portrait.
send some photos my way of this golden pooch.
he landed in such a good spot. love how his face is one with the sofa. happy or what.

O. Joy said...

Sweet shots!!! I love the Johnny Depp quote!!! That pup is just too content looking!! You have beautiful stuff!! Love the mitts!!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh! So glad the lovely Mrs. French reminded me of how much I love your blog! I have been remiss in not visiting more! It is so beautiful and that big ole pup you have? *sigh* adorable! :)

Secret Leaves said...

Oh man! Cute mitts, cute kid, cute cuddlies, cute hat, cute dog.