Friday, November 28, 2008

muchas gracias

Sigh...the bouncing flowers, waterfall shower, lazy hammock, mystic shrines. The steamy town square, bustling with sounds and smells, the makeshift market and towers of textiles. While not indulging in the afore mentioned cultural delights I read two profoundly moving and vastly different books; Eat Pray Love and The Zookeeper's Wife. I highly recommend both and can't possibly offer as articulate a review as the many you'll find online. A compelling thread however is the curious nature of us humans that necessitates an unimaginable will to endure and have faith. Perfectly punctuating my week of giving thanks.


Project Ecoart said...

Fab pics...I especially love the buddha.

O. Joy said...

Those books have been on my "Must Read" list~~ Now to get to them!!

Julia said...

Your images remind me so much of Eat Pray Love :) Thank you for sharing!