Friday, October 31, 2008

worth the wait

Via, get out the vote 2008. And for those of us parents who plan to bring wee ones to witness our patriotic voice and essential participation, pack well for long lines. Think delayed airline travel. A few ideas: 1. obviously, snacks (leftover Halloween candy = sugar buzz, not a good idea), 2. coloring book (don't forget crayons), 3. ipod with Dan Zanes loaded up, 4. be prepared to do the hokie-pokie or imitate an animal, 5. individually wrapped dollar store surprises (yes, a hassle the evening before but might buy some time), 6. a game of tic-tac-toe or the like including the classic 'I spy', 7. go with a friend to hold your place in line when the 'potty dance' begins, 8. cheerios and string to eat and lace, 9. count everything you can possibly think of then do it again while hopping (seriously, this is entertaining stuff to a toddler), and 10. good old fashioned bribes. Just a few additional things to consider while you're considering the state of our nation. Oh, and patience...definitely bring patience and know that what you're doing might impact the life of that little person with you. Happy voting.


Julia said...

EXCELLENT! Most, most excellent!

Thank you for the list :)

Mrs.French said...

such an amazing day...I am so proud....xo