Wednesday, September 10, 2008

softest sustainable skivvies

Oh, what a delightful find where indeed the 'purest ingredients can definitely be the sexiest'. Kee Edwards of Loup Charmant 'speaks to the poetry of sustainable style'. Her softest whisper-white intimates are romantically inspired and timelessly crafted. The idea of connectedness to our roots, with both land and lineage, resonates in her organic and simple forms. They float, they drape, they skim the surface, a more comfy collection I cannot imagine. Once removed from the cotton underthings of our youth yet just as cozy. Kee's design crosses culture and time, like the freshest breath of air, the simple things sustain us.


Julia said...

What incredibly designed intimates. I'm so intrigued!

Mrs.French said...

these are gorgeous...I want everything here.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

me too, me too...these are just breathtakingly gorgeous...I wonder where they are sold? Visiting via the lovely Mrs.French! Your blog and new line are so beautiful....all the best!

Secret Leaves said...

The undies are lovely. The top model, however, needs to eat a couple of cheeseburgers!