Monday, August 25, 2008

"i approve this message"

Whatever your persuasion this season, art has established a profound presence at the upcoming conventions. Encouraging process and tapping into the phenomenon of 'participatory media' (i.e. blogging, youtube and even karaoke), Denver and St. Paul have embraced the role of art and design within the public. The simple fact that most citizens do not have a spot inside the political arena, gave birth to the idea of these 'town square' forums. Sponsored by the city itself and/or cultural institutions, the stages are set to foster process not partisanship. Fascinating, that art can bind, that art can construct and that art can be the manifestation of one's voice.

Particularly inspiring, the work of Krzysztof Wodiczko of Poland. He projects massive images upon public spaces focusing "attention on ways in which architecture and monuments reflect collective memory and history". The fact that he is Polish interjecting on such an American tradition adds to the goal of inclusivity, a truly international community. So if 'participatory media' is the model for process, we bloggers are already in the game. Its a small world after all, and if one person links to one person links to one person, imagine the conversations we will have. A powerful prospect, this 21st century 'artform' keeping the dialog open whereby the average citizen has a voice.

image via bibliodyssey, E McKnight Kauffer, The World in 2030 A.D.


raining sheep said...

What an amazing concept. I agree with you on the blogging and the impact it can have on thought, ideas, conversations. Blogging does expand conciousness. Sometimes it does not need to be anything profound, just interacting with people from other places is interesting enough. We finally have a great gallery here that opened, catering to newer artists; it has some amazing shows and all I can say is its about time. Younger artists tend to still be more idealistic, so the art is super cool.

Mrs.French said...

I feel so important...this little blogging thing we have going on here is changing the world.