Monday, July 14, 2008

at long last...again

A quick business post as I notice this label is lacking on my list. I find I get lost in the beautiful blogs out there and must nudge myself into talking shop. A weekend of hunting and gathering at nearby estate sales and my favorite nook, Quintessential Antiques. Spending the day laundering found linens, cleaning vintage buttons and mending tiny millinery fleurettes. I also plan to print on my Kelsey letterpress, care tags for my toddler garments. Finally a real photoshoot lined up Wednesday for my humble collection of organic cotton hand-me-downs. Simple forms, ecru hues, lush textures, I'm quite proud of these little pieces and so looking forward to sharing them. Cross our fingers, the two year old talent is in the mood for posing! My site is slowly under construction and I eagerly await my own 'open for business' post! As said before (and many of you can relate), a labor of love takes on a life of its own, grows and twists, breathes and pauses and finally...blooms.


Cicada Studio said...

Your site looks great so far! I had to smile when I read your description because it's exactly what I'm going thru now, too! It IS a true labor of love!

Julia said...


I just checked out all of your links in the paragraph above and I'm positively giddy, I can't wait to see what you have in store for us!

Your shop is the most darling thing, I love the vintage feel, yet it's clean with breathing space!

I'll be sending "cooperative" energy for your little one who's posing for you on Wednesday!

comfies said...

that was beautifully said. looking forward to it all!

Mrs.French said...

I'm on pins and needles...your site looks fantastic Tyler!

papel1 said...

I found your blog by hitting Next Blog....and love it. When I saw the word Kelsey Letterpress I really got excited. I own the smallest one and use to do a lot. Must get it out of my closet. I also like the name periwinklebloom. Weill check in again soon.