Thursday, June 26, 2008

design for the greater good

A wonderfully simple notion to end the week, design making a difference. Stumbled across Design 21 and was filled with forward-thinking optimism. A motivated group who collaborates on form, function and society. Ambitious and inspiring, Design 21 promotes activism through creativity saying 'the real beauty of design lies in its potential to improve life'. Sustaining the vision of the Bauhaus, which created countless everyday icons, Design 21's 'Power to the Pedal' competition resulted in brilliant innovations to the seemingly banal bike. My favorite, the Bloom device, "subversive" bubbles and buds to better the everyday. Thoughtful and delightful, I can't help but smile, happy weekend.


Julia said...

I adore the bubble-maker bike :) I can just imagine the fun looks I would receive peddling this down State Street here in Madison!

I hope you have a wonderfully relaxing weekend!

Mrs.French said...

Oh how I love this so much! I had completely forgotten about it...thank you for the Monday morning reminder! Made my day!

...Oh and why did it take me until Monday to see this post....this really should never happen again!

Cricket Family said...

I LOVE this idea. My littl boy would go crazy if I rigged this up to his bike!