Sunday, February 3, 2008

boogers on their cashmere

I’m new to this blogging world. Its overwhelming and abstract and anyone who knows me knows I’m a luddite that can shut down a system by merely walking near a computer. But having spent this past weekend hopped-up on sinus medication, I began to surf. I am a designer-turned-mom. My most surprising, fulfilling and frustrating job but my absolute inspiration. To my delight, there are many of us out there and the wit and wisdom of my new found friends has encouraged me to make the leap. While my blog has modest professional motives, I can hardly define the line between the many hats I wear these days. I love this collision of roles! And I love that I've found so many other clever, creative and sophisticated women who don’t mind boogers on their cashmere.

Found on a stroll, our latest objet d’art above...that only a mother could love.

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